Last night was unquestionably one of the biggest nights in Brad Pitt’s career. Winning an Academy Award is one of the most prestigious experiences any filmmaker can have, and while he technically previously won a trophy for his role producing the Best Picture-winning 12 Years A Slave, this year’s ceremony saw him take home his first Oscar for acting.

However, Brad Pitt apparently isn’t taking the tactic that many winners do post-win, which is to say start making deals left and right for a variety of projects. In fact, it sounds like he is planning to do the exact opposite, and use his Oscar victory as an excuse to disappear from the spotlight for a minute.

This was a sentiment that the actor shared almost immediately after he was brought on stage at the Dolby Theater, going backstage after his acceptance speech to talk with press express his feelings about the events that transpired right at the start of the Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor was the first category of the night). Asked if he’s having “the time of his life right now” constantly getting on stages to accept various prizes, Pitt said,

I hope not. I hope I got other shit going on. But it has been a really special, really special run. And again, it’s a community I love, and friends that I’ve made over 30 years mean a lot to me, truly. I feel a responsibility to that more than anything, more than, like, a victory lap. Right now I think it’s time to go disappear for a little while now, and get back to making things.

Exactly what Brad Pitt means by “making things” isn’t entirely clear – particularly because of his demonstrated interest in architecture and past constructing houses – but from context it sounds like he might not be looking to spend much time in front of a camera any time soon.

Relatively speaking, 2019 was a busy year for Brad Pitt professionally, as he was featured not only in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (the performance that earned him his Academy Award), but also had the lead role in James Gray’s Ad Astra. It was the first calendar year since 2015 that Pitt had two features playing in theaters.

At this point we basically only get one Brad Pitt movie per year, and now that rate may slow down even more.

Not counting movies that he’s producing through his Plan B banner, Brad Pitt doesn’t currently have any films in development – though there have been reports about him potentially starring alongside Emma Stone in the next film from La La Land/First Man director Damian Chazelle. Even that project doesn’t have a release date until Christmas 2021, though, so don’t expect to see Pitt at your local cinema any time soon (that is, unless you happen to frequent his favorite theater).

For now, you can enjoy both Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Ad Astra on a wide variety of home video formats.

source: cinemablend


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