Netflix Confirms Final Season Of Power Returns On 6 January

The sixth season of Power will be its last, but producers of the show really ramped up the suspense by keeping half of the series held back.


Viewers saw it on the streaming service at the end of August. Getting off to a slow start, with the first episode finally dropping on Bank Holiday Monday, new instalments arrived on Mondays – the day after it was shown in the US on Starz.

But halfway through the final series, it ground to a halt, meaning that the first 10 episodes were shown before it went in to hiatus.

However, Netflix UK has confirmed that the ending will finally hit our screens on Monday 6 January, and will be shown every Monday after that. In the US, it will start on Sunday 5 January.

Although it’s not ideal, what it does mean is that anyone who hasn’t already seen it can catch up on the first half of the series before the second arrives in 2020.

It might be the first time Power has taken a mid-season break, but it happens fairly often in the US.

However, it’s not going to be another 10 episodes – I’m sorry to break it to you. The next section will consist of five more instalments, which would lead us up to a finale on 10 February. Clear your diaries for that one, lads.

Power season 6: Was Tariq shot? (Image: Starz)

The drama was cancelled, with the news confirmed by rapper, executive producer and actor 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson).

In the show, he plays drug dealer Kanan Stark. Before the last season started, he posted on Instagram, saying: “August 25 starts Season 6 is the final season of POWER. I have 4 spin-off shows coming so don’t trip.”

Which would suggest it’s not the end for at least some of the characters.

Speaking to People, president of programming for Starz said: “Season 6 brings us the end of what we know is just the first chapter of the Power story. However, as one chapter comes to an end, another will begin.”

In a statement, he said: “The last 5 seasons of Power have been an incredible ride for me and all of our supportive fans. We are far from over and I am excited to bring you more from the Power brand.

“I am proud that I was able to put a lasting stamp on this chapter with my directorial debut in an episode that features one of the wildest scenes ever on the show.”

Power season 6 will return to Netflix on 6 January.

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