Big Mouth Season 3 Netflix

There are some absolutely loveable characters from Netflix’s Big Mouth.

But no one can deny that the hormone monsters are the best. We’re quickly introduced to Maury, who is Andrew Glouberman’s sexuality personified, before we get Jessi’s monster in the form of Connie.

But it’s been announced that Connie and Maury will be getting their own spin-off show on the streaming platform.

Netflix has released a very short, very vague teaser of the upcoming show which appears to be called Human Resources.

All it shows is what looks like a much younger, probably much less senile, yet more hopeful Maury about to start in the business of HR – which could mean helping people out with their issues.

According to the AV Club, the synopsis goes kind of like this: “Human Resources will take place entirely in the world where the Department Of Puberty rests, complete with all its Shame Wizards, Depression Kittys, and other manifestations of our fucked-up psyche.”

Sounds just as hilarious and intense as Big Mouth.

Essentially it’ll be an office-style show, so picture Big Mouth meets The Office and you’ve got Human Resources.

Source: ladbible


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