If you want to be a superhero you might want to rethink that idea if you’re not willing to put in the hours at the gym. Recently, playing the role of any superhero has been very physically demanding. And in the case of The Batman movie, with Robert Pattinson, was not going to be an exception to the rule. Previously, getting into the skin of billionaire Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman, had already made actors like Christian Bale for the Nolan trilogy, and Ben Affleck for Batman v Superman, gain an impressive physical state. Especially Bale, who came from rolling The Machinist with only 110 lbs on his body.

According to Cosmic Book News, Robert Pattinson is encountering a hard pitfall in this matter. Despite having been training hard for the role of Batman for several weeks now, the actor is not gaining enough muscle mass. And the reason is that Pattinson is an actor is a hard gainer. That is to say, he has a high metabolism and burns calories way too quickly to retain muscle. The main question to ask is, whether or not Warner plans on moving ahead with a thinner Batman or if Pattinson will have to opt for another, less healthy way to gain the muscleman physique. You simply can’t just sparkle in this role.

For now, the release date of The Batman remains in June 2021, although if this situation continues over time it could affect the launch. Meanwhile, 2020 presents to be a big DC year with interesting releases. The premiere of Birds of Prey with Harley Quinn as the lead character. And later with the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 with the return of Gal Gadot in the role of the Amazonian princess of DC.

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