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Those of you who’ve been keeping up with comic book news this week should be aware of how Marvel dropped that cryptic teaser for Iron Man 2020 a few days ago. For those not up to speed, what you need to know is that it showed a new rig standing over the grave of Tony Stark, with a human hand emerging from the ground.

Well, the House of Ideas didn’t waste much time making the big reveal at New York Comic Con, as they’ve formally announced the expected Iron Man 2020 series for January. As it turns out, Dan Slott and Christos Gage will co-write a six-issue run, with artwork provided by Pete Woods. In fact, you can check out his first crack at cover art related to this book below.

According to Marvel’s press release, Arno Stark will take over the mantle of Iron Man once Tony’s fate is decided and “how he tackles the responsibilities that come with being the armored Avenger will have monumental effects on the Marvel Universe.”

To me, at least, that foreboding statement sounds like Arno putting on the suit could be as consequential as giving a chainsaw to a child. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I’m getting here.

This is what Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort had to say regarding the matter:

“Like the inexorable turning of pages on a calendar, we’ve been building up to the arrival of 2020 and the advent of Arno Stark as Iron Man ever since this latest run began. Here, all of the larger themes we’ve been playing with will come to the fore in a big, sweeping, epic action movie that anyone can enjoy!”

Iron Man 10 Years Later

If you want more info, then check out the series description supplied to us below:

“This 6-issue series will also continue to raise thought-provoking questions about what it means to be an artificial intelligence. As the story unfolds, expect to see your favorite Marvel robotic characters from Vision and Jocasta to Albert and Elsie-Dee in what’s shaping up to be a true ‘Robot Revolution.’ Also keep an eye out for upcoming announcements about the exciting tie-ins that will accompany this epic event featuring some of your favorite armored characters!”

You know, I’m really getting the gut feeling that Iron Man 2020 will last for six issues because something even bigger will launch out of it once the miniseries concludes. This isn’t unheard of in the medium of comics, so keep watching this space as we learn more.

source: wegotthiscovered

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