One of the movies even made Jaemin cry.

Just by sharing some of his favorite songs, NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin sends them straight to the top of trending searches. He’s just as generous with sharing the recent shows and movies he’s watching. Here are four movie recommendations you can enjoy just as much as Jaemin did.

1. Escape From Mogadishu

Starring veteran actor Jo In SungEscape From Mogadishu follows South Korean and North Korean diplomats who are forced to cooperate with each other to escape the battlefield that is Mogadishu, Somalia in 1991.

Based on true events, the 2021 action-thriller fared well among viewers and critics for the actors’ skill and its well-written script.

2. The Medium

In The Medium, a documentary crew follows a shaman in Thailand and films the shaman’s gift passing onto another family member—until things go very wrong with a possession.

The Thai-Korean movie won the Best Film Award at the 2021 Bucheon International Film Festival and earned the sixth spot in the country’s top-grossing movies of the year.

3. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

Taking it back to 2016, My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (also known as Tomorrow I Will Date Yesterday’s You) is the romantic Japanese movie that made Jaemin cry while watching it.

A male university student encounters a woman on the train and promptly falls in love, confessing his feelings and kicking off their dating life. He soon learns that she’s been keeping an important secret.

4. Hostage: Missing Celebrity

Another action-thriller you’ll want to check out is 2021’s Hostage: Missing Celebrity. Turning fantasy into reality, a famous actor is kidnapped for ransom and experiences torture far more brutal than he imagined.

Like The Medium and Escape From Mogadishu, it was a hit in Korean theaters and topped the box office for weeks.

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